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Locksmith Services - Access Control

An access control system determines the following 3 things.

  • Who can enter and exit the property?
  • When are they allowed to enter and exit the property?
  • Where are they allowed to enter and exit the property?

In earlier days, these questions were not answerable as accurately as we used to have security through keys and locks. The only person authorized to enter was the one who used to have the key but whenever the locks were changed or the key got lost the authorization was at risk. It was almost impossible to tell when a key was used, how many times it was used etc.

Such problems have been solved thanks to the, modern day access control systems that work by providing the proper statistics as to who used the key and when. They basically overcame he limitation set by the keys and lock systems as much as we would still rely on an old fashioned steel lock to guard our rails, the times have since changed.

The access control system allows the personnel responsible to choose credentials anytime for whoever has been granted the access. The system generates a transaction every time it allows access to a credential. This in turn allows keeping record of who got access, how many times and who didn’t. Access control systems make it easy to call out the culprit who has been granted unauthorized access and rather than re-keying your old key and lock system you can just change the code, or a set a password.

The system can also monitor if the door was opened forcefully by someone or held open for long, it has a sensory commanded alarm which can set off if triggering such situations, making it easy to reach the place in consideration.

It is not necessary that your access control system monitors only one door at a time, rather it can monitor many doors simultaneously no matter how far they are from each other, simple installation of devices and input of commands can lead to successful, high tech security venture for your home or company.

Access control systems work with proper biometric readers and cards that are read by those readers having identification details and photographs that make it easy in identification of anyone who is not an authorized personnel.

So in conclusion, you can call up you nearby locksmith services providing company soon and ask them to install access control systems immediately as you outdated lock and key system won’t be the safe guard you’re precious in days like these where even frauds and thieves are up to date with high end technology.